Aqua Cool is considered a leading brand in the industry, primarily due to its unique makeup and the variety of minerals it contains, along with other vital components necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Customers can feel hydrated while enjoying the taste when drinking water with low levels of sodium.


Established in 1992,  Arwa Gulf General Trading and Contracting Co. has since developed into the leading water bottling company in Kuwait over the last 24 years. Through its brand, Aqua Cool, the company pioneered in manufacturing and distributing five-gallon water bottles and water coolers across Kuwait. By adhering to high-quality service standards, Aqua Cool has established itself as a premier brand both locally and across the Gulf region, and has won the admiration and loyalty of its customer base.


To strive for continuous development and to enhance strategic relationships with our partners. Additionally, we work diligently to guarantee a work environment that emphasizes employee development.


Excel in water bottling, continuous quality assurance and turn the Aqua Cool brand into a prided flagship product. Distinguish the brand within the industry through an efficient facility that strives for continuous improvement and development.


Aqua Cool will become the product of choice for customers looking for pure, bottled water of the highest international standards and quality. We aim to satisfy our clients by providing them with an innovative product and delivering to them at any location.

Our Team

Our employees are central to daily operations and to establishing Aqua Cool as a leader in water purification, bottling, and distribution within the GCC market. Each department plays a vital and useful role in developing the company. This is done through optimal management and operational systems and the latest technologies that guarantee strict compliance with company-wide standards, especially as they relate to customers and transparency.

As the backbone of the company, the management team strives continually to improve operations across the organization and is integral to achieving the organizational strategy. Aqua Cool  is comprised of a management team that comes with years of expertise within the water-bottling and the food and beverage industry.


We are proud to have a wide range of discerning customers that have enjoyed our products and services since we started more than 24 years ago. They include companies from a range of industries such as oil and gas, banking, telecom, and construction, in addition to many publically listed companies and thousands of households across Kuwait.


To provide a leading and efficient service to our customers, the Aqua Cool brand includes a fleet of 26 delivery trucks and cars that cover all areas in Kuwait. All delivery services are free of charge, and as such, Aqua Cool ensures the delivery of the purest water directly to your doorstep.


5 Gallon




250ml cups

200ml cups

125ml cups

Hand Pump

Water Dispenser

water dispenser [counter top]

Cup Holder

Plastic Cup



Aqua Cool is considered a leading brand in the industry, primarily due to its unique makeup and the variety of minerals it contains, along with other vital components necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Customers can feel hydrated while enjoying the taste when drinking water with low levels of sodium and without bromate.

Quality Policy

Aqua Cool (Kuwait) complies with all matters related to food safety as per the ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System sets of standards. Compliance with the standards takes place across all of the brand’s operational and manufacturing processes to ensure the safety and well-being of customers first. Our quality policy is realized through the development of measurable and actionable objectives.

As per our policy, we are committed to the following:

  • The Aqua Cool factory – established to produce and bottle purified drinking water of the highest quality
  • Aqua Cool is committed to providing customers with premium and healthy products and services to cater to all their needs and gain their trust.
  • Aqua Cool is dedicated to supplying products that comply with all necessary regulations, especially as they relate to health and food safety.
  • We strive to avoid defects and waste across the board, so as to emphasize continuous improvement.
  • Aqua Cool promotes a culture where quality becomes everyone’s responsibility. We are wholly responsible for upholding high standards of quality and continuous improvement.
  • Develop and implement measurable objectives, so as to allow for continuous improvement and to achieve the organizational-wide policy for health and safety.
  • Communicate this policy to all employees and concerned parties.
  • Raise awareness of the policy through regular training initiatives that target all employees across all levels within the factory.


 Aqua Cool has recently won the international Award of  “BEST WATER TASTE AWARD 2016”
From The International Taste & Quality Institute – iTQi –  Belgium.

The iTQi Superior Taste Award is a unique international recognition of taste quality. It certifies that the awarded consumer food and drink products have met or exceeded the taste quality expectations of iTQi juries composed by 120 top European Chefs, Sommeliers and beverage experts. The products are tested blind on their own merits following a strict sensory analysis process that guarantees total neutrality.



Product quality and consumers safety are not negotiable at Aqua Cool Bottled Drinking Water.
Our business is based on compliance and Aqua Cool bottled drinking water product and activities respect local and international regulations relevant to bottled water manufacturing process.
Our products undergo rigorous quality controls, including sensory analysis and microbiological testing, throughout the production process.
The quality of the final product is preserved by the safe and hermetic bottle that brings it to the consumer.


We care about the environment here at Aqua Cool Water. We show this through constant monitoring of the environmental impact at every stage of the bottling process and compliance with ISO certificate 14000:2015 standards.
Further we make sure we carefully dispose of residual materials which form part of the manufacturing process, with monitoring conducted by our ISO certified Quality Assurance personnel.

Water Facts

Foods and beverages both contribute to total water intake. Nevertheless, the water that we get from food is not sufficient to maintain the water balance. The intake of water is mainly through consumption of drinking water and beverages (80%) plus water contained in food (20%).
On average, a healthy sedentary adult living in a temperate climate needs to drink 1.5L a day.
Recommendations such as drink 8 glasses (Glass of 200ml)/ of water a day, aim at providing easy guidance for consumers to follow in order to reach the daily recommended intake of water.
Juices or sugar-sweetened beverages can be drunk occasionally but not all day long for daily hydration purposes as they add calories, which may impact health when over consumed. As water has zero sugar and no calories, water should be the choice for healthier hydration.


The water you consume through food and drinks follows a very precise route to arrive in you cells, of which it is a vital constituent.
Cell life
Water is essential for cells to function properly: it enters into their composition.
Body temperature regulation
Water enables the body to release heat when ambient temperature is higher than body temperature.
Chemical & metabolic reactions
Water participates in the biochemical breakdown of what we eat (proteins, lipids and carbohydrates)
Transport of nutrients
Water as a main constituent of blood contributes to the transport of nutrients to the cells.
Removal of wastes
Water, as a carrier, also helps removing waste products through urines.
Vital facts
Certain organs body parts are particularly rich in water

Kidneys – 79%
Heart – 73%
Lungs – 83%
Brain – 73%
Liver – 71%
Skin – 64%
Bone – 31%
Tissue teeth – 10%

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